Indonesia Art Cooperative

Who We Are

We are Indonesia Art Cooperative (KREASI)

H.Deddy Mizwar - Pengagas/Pembina

The Indonesia Art Cooperative (KREASI) carries out various business activities that can provide maximum benefits for all Members. Music, Theater Arts, Film / TV Arts, Fine Arts, and Dance are the fields of KREASI's business.

Membership fee of IDR 25,000, including the FLAZZ BCA card.

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Indonesian Artists Cooperative departs on 3 MULIA PURPOSES as MOTIVATION:
1. Artists have bank accounts/old age savings.
2. Realizing Zakat of the Artist.
3. Welfare of its members like bees who have to colonize/co-operate so that they can produce HONEY.

KReaSI is a Producer's Cooperative (Project / Business Based) with a Digital Platform.

It is called MODERN because the interaction pattern of administrators and members is like a bee in a productive, effective and efficient colony.

KReaSI is a translation according to the era of Law No. 17 of 2012 on Cooperatives and the latest Regulation of the Minister of Cooperatives 4/2020. Currently adjusting the rules of Government Regulation 7/2021 which refers to the Copyright Law no.11/2020.


KREASI is like a honeycomb to provide as much benefit as possible for a prosperous civilization.

Millennial civilization marks culture with the findings of more advanced creations for the welfare of mankind.

Cooperatives are also typical of the archipelago since being initiated by Bung Hatta until now in 2021 not only as the Soko Guru for the Economy of the Nation's Children but have metamorphosed into a synergy center for IDE and collective ideas for the welfare of its members.

Like a bee, it takes the togetherness of millions of others from fragrant flower essence to produce honey droplets that have a million benefits.

KReaSI is more than just a Modern Cooperative which only relies on financing with the concept of savings and loans but puts forward 3 things, namely;


IDE collectivity that generates creative ideas or projects that not only provide sustenance for itself but other members are also empowered because they will become a Task Force / Task Force.

The Modern Urban Mural Project, of course, involves mural artists together with other artists in the film sector to produce documentaries or social media-based webseries to go global.


IoT or Internet-based for all means that the IDE that gave birth to CREATION must be linear with the market place so that users in this case the community or government who need it can interact with the IDE on the eCommerce platform.

IDe collaboration-based website involving all artists with up-to-date creative backgrounds. Indonesia will have ARTISTS who sell IDe and IoT-based creations so that they can reach out to the world.


Cooperatives based on apps and hybrid platforms. This means that collaboration is the key word for synergy between mural artists, documentary artists / film makers with music and dance artists with "Art Street Performance" so that KOTA has an impact on tourism for tourists and beauty for its citizens.

KReaSI Berbagi Apps is a data collection application for young and senior artists with different backgrounds that reach across borders throughout the country so that each city has SURE artists so that the empowerment of local / regional artists is realized because there is already an Artificial Intelligence concept data collection that can be downloaded on the Android Playstore so that Archipelago artists also received the sweetness of MADU from KReaSI.

Purpose & Objectives

Of course KReaSI as a modern Indonesian Artist Cooperative with a platform of the three things above has a background of more than a Mental Revolution but will have a downstream level of welfare for its members collectively.

Purpose & Objectives

Two things that are urgent and crucial are more than just welfare, namely;

Purpose & Objectives

1. Cooperatives that rely on local wisdom as a National Movement so that they are from the regions for all.

Purpose & Objectives

2. Cooperatives that are egalitarian and humanist and uphold human values ​​that have good morals are beneficial to all.

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